Sunday 7 October 2018


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Congratulations to all runners that took part in the Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon 2017.


Thanks for a great day and for running with us, see you all next year!



Corporate Cup Results

Accountant Cup

1. Deloitte

2. BDO Team Mens

3. Pwc - Men's


Bank Cup 

1.SCB Strollers

2. HSBC Tech Elite's 

3.HSBC Park Runners


Law Cup

1. Double - MO - Seven

2. Collas Crill Crusades

3. Team Harry


Trust Cup

1. First Names IV

2. RBC Arrr Be Sea

3. Highvern 1



1. Super Seymour Hotels 1 

2. The Bay Watch Beauties

3. Golden Arrows


States of Jersey Cup

1. Back To Work Bandits

2. ZBot's Dfl Waste Team

3. Dfi Civil Works