Sunday 7 October 2018


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Training Tips

Why Enter?

You can run anywhere, anytime and it's free! You don't need lots of expensive equipment, just a good pair of trainers and some comfortable clothes and you're ready to go.

Running burns more calories than most other types of exercise.

It's good for your health. Running can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It also improves your mood and helps keep your weight under control.

Most importantly, it's a great team challenge and a lot of fun on the day!


Tips for Beginners


  • Recruit a group of friends or work colleagues and enter the relay marathon. Now you have your goal - you are ready to begin!
  • Get fitted with a good pair of trainers to help avoid injury.
  • If you have a pre-existing medical condition or haven't exercised for some time, consult your GP before starting out.
  • Use our beginners 5k running plan to ensure you ease in slowly with the walk / run method. This will build your time and distance gradually and help you to avoid injury by doing too much too soon.
  • As you will be training throughout the summer it is even more important to stay hydrated, not just during your run but also throughout the entire day.
  • Always warm-up for five minutes before each session with brisk walking and dynamic movements such as knee lifts, arm swings, etc.
  • Maintain good posture when you run. Relax your shoulders, arms and hands and bend your elbows. Ensure your posture is upright with your head in line with your body. Strike the ground with the mid-foot underneath your body.
  • Beginner's runs should be at an easy or conversational pace, so don't worry about pace at this point. Make sure you take the 'talk test' and can breathe easily.
  • Cool down after your run with some easy walking to bring your heart rate back down and remember to do some gentle stretches.
  • How to stay motivated?
  • Run with a friend or in a small group. Make it fun and train together at least once a week as a team. You could take it in turns to plan different routes.
  • Keep a running diary to chart your progress. It’s always motivating to look back and see how far you have come when you need an extra boost!
  • Vary your route so you don’t get too bored with the same scenery on each run.


To download your beginners 5K training plan please click here

For further information on training for the  Relay Race please contact:

Contact: Karen Bull 

Email: [email protected]


Online Registration

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