The Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon – Run from Home information can be found below.

It is important that every runner reads all information and the Run From Home Essential Race Information prior to participating in the challenge.

Should you have a question that is not answered by the following information, then please do not hesitate to email us.


The race period for runners to complete their run will be 1 – 16 October.

Runners who wish to qualify for the live races at the Waterfront, St.Helier Jersey must submit their proof of completion to organisers by Monday 12 October by 9am.

Race Information Packs

The Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon 2020 Run From Home Essential Information can be viewed on the below links .It is crucial every runner reads this prior to attending the event.

Should you have a question that is not answered by the following documents, then please do not hestitate to email us.

Submission of Results


Runners are required to prove that they have completed their run distance within the required timeframe, in order to qualify for the finisher rewards. Runners will be required to submit time and distance data to organisers via link that will be sent to all participants before the challenge commences.

How do I record my running data?

Runners can record their time and distance running data through any GPS training device, smartphone apps or smartwatches – including Garmin, Apple Watch, FitBit, Misfit, Polar, Suunto, Google Fit, RunKeeper, AppleHealth and MapMyFitness (or get a parent/guardian to take your time).

Organisers will also be setting up a course for the Marathon Mile on Jersey’s waterfront, so that all runners will need to do is time themselves with a stopwatch, which can be found on any smart photo or digital watch. A photo / video of the final time and runner crossing the finish line with provide the proof we need. More details to follow on this course.

What is the deadline for submission of challenge results?

All results must be submitted by midnight on 16 October 2020.  Marathon mile and Relay Race runners who wish to qualify for the Waterfront live racing must complete their distances on their own course and submit proof of completion to organisers before Monday 12 October by 9am.

Where do I submit/upload my challenge results?

Details and instructions on this will be sent to each runner in due course.

Where will the challenge results published?

All results will be displayed on our event website: This will be updated by the organisers every Friday of the challenge duration.

Will there be any prizes?

As this is a challenge there will not be any prizes awarded for speed alone. Instead, we will be offering a comprehensive random prize draw, with plenty of prizes up for grabs.

All runners will have the exact same chance to win from the prize draw, and we will be sharing more details on this area shortly.

Challenge Entry Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions ensure the safety of all participants and are compliant with applicable UK Athletics regulations for event liability.

Please note that all runners are required to read and accept the race rules at the point of registration.

To view the Challenge Entry Terms and Conditions click here.